A Different Mother’s Day

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How to Spend Mother’s Day in the Era of Coronavirus

For many, Mother’s Day will be different, harder this year, in the era of Coronavirus. Whether you’ve lost your mother this year, a previous year, or just unable to visit your mother due to canceled flights, social distancing, and more… this will be a different Mother’s Day for all. Here are some ideas on how to spend the day. No matter what your circumstances are, we hope these ideas help.

For those who have lost their mother…

Write a letter to your mother. Tell her about your life, your worries, all that you would have liked to tell her if she were here with you. Simply the act of writing down your thoughts can be a peaceful and therapeutic activity.

Write a letter to someone in your life who you consider a great mother. Perhaps it’s a neighbor or friend from church, write a quick note to someone who you’ve seen do an amazing job with this little thing called motherhood.

Do something in memory of your mother. Cook her favorite meal, listen to her favorite song. Did she love to drink tea and read books? Do something in honor of her.

Do something for yourself. Perhaps it’s too much, especially in this climate, to think about your mother and honor her memory this Mother’s Day. Instead, do something that you know you will enjoy; create an at-home spa treatment, rewatch a movie you’ve seen a dozen times, bake yourself cookies, or even take a nap. Find a way to bring a little light into your day.

For the mothers and children living together…

Let your kids and spouse spoil you a bit. Do they want to bring you breakfast in bed? Let them. Do they have gifts for you? Enjoy them – you deserve it! Don’t for a minute think that you are not worthy of the praise, attention, love and kindness today and all the days.

Allow for some alone time. Mothers are known to juggle a lot of responsibilities – which can get overwhelming at any time, and even more so during a pandemic. Carve out some time for yourself. Maybe a little extra time in the shower, a break from chores, a quiet moment outside.

Share a story with your children. Most likely, this is one of the few days a year that you get to tell your kids a story or two (if you can get a captive audience) about being their mom; how they got gum stuck in your hair, how you managed to take them on a 12 hour road trip, how you planned their 1st birthday party and more. Reminiscing is good for the soul.

For those who cannot be with their mother…

Call your mother. Mothers love this. Think about if your mother would prefer a spontaneous call or a scheduled call, perhaps even a video call. The last thing you want to do is forget, so if you are prone to that, mark it in your calendar.

Give a gift. This is always appreciated. A few great gift ideas for those who are struggling with social distancing include a tv/movie monthly streaming subscription, flowers or plants to brighten their home, a new puzzle or coloring book to pass the time, or a soft throw pillow for the couch. If you want to try something different, check out the next option.

Surprise your mother. A fun way to show your mom that you care and appreciate her is to give her something unexpected. Some ideas include coordinating a surprise video call via Zoom, compiling some old cherished photos into a slideshow, or ordering groceries online to save her from one more chore. Think of something that you’ve never done for your mom before and surprise her!

If you’re interested in reading our full guide, Mother’s Day in the Era of Coronavirus, click here to view or download it now.

Know that whatever you do on Mother’s Day this year, is enough. Don’t overthink it. Don’t give yourself a hard time.

Blessings to you, your Mother, and loved ones this Mother’s Day.

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